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Leslie & Maude

In 2017, Jergens asked us to create new masterbrand videos for a range of products. For this round of the campaign, we introduced Leslie’s daughter Maude to the Jergens family. We developed some humorous mother–daughter moments with a combination of charm and embarrassment. Oh, moms.

For summer 2016, we looked to use prime tanning season as the perfect time to share a better way to get sun-kissed color. We created TV & online video content for Natural Glow moisturizers that created a little sunshine all on its own.

You’re More Than Just A Pretty Face

In 2015, we launched a masterbrand campaign for Jergens featuring actress Leslie Mann. As the new brand ambassador, we created humorous stories where Leslie’s mission was to help fellow women realize the potential of their skin.

ECD: Kate Murphy / CD: Chris Chao, Katie Young  / ACD Art: Kyle Lynah / Producer: Katie Olsen  / Director: Bryan Buckley / CGI: Picture Production Company London / Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo  and many others.