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John Frieda

In 2017, John Frieda had new product innovations they asked us to concept around. One of which, Brilliantly Brighter, is made for the most special of blondes. Inspired by the iconic blondes in the films of Alfred Hitchcock, we created a long-form video, social content and tv ads to tell a story of timeless blondes.

Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter

We also created social content utilizing behind the scenes moments and video we captured while interviewing the models.

Me & John

After launching the campaign in 2015, we created ads for John Frieda products across the globe. The campaign set out to defy category norms of perfect hair and monotonous claims. Instead embracing a brand promise of partnership, an editorial look and feel, and a provocative tone of voice.

ECD: Kate Murphy, Kate Wadia / CD: Chris Chao, Katie Young  /  Sr. AD: Kyle Lynah / Jr. AD: Baylee Shurman, Sara Easterling / Producer: Katie Olsen  / Director: Jean Pierre Philippot / VFX: Consulate, Jogger Studio / Editor: Emily Speigelman, Akiko Iwakawa  and many others.